“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”

They say! Read this somewhere in my teens it had an effect on me but I soon forgot about it, and started following the usual life, completed studies, started a job, spent my time in making money, but this kept on going for another couple of years developing a void that kept on getting deeper and deeper, That quench for owning more and more started affecting the peace in life!
Read this saying again somewhere and wow! I got my answers, this was what I’ve been looking for, A few things, memories, non-perishable, non-materialistic, something that no one can steal or take away from me! These memories, experiences, travel stories are what I’ve been looking for, these are what bridges the gaps, fills up the void and helps me unwind!
So, this weblog is going to be a home for all of these travel experiences, brags, stories, memories and whatever I can find to jot down in life, think about again, relive the moments as and when they come!
Let’s start sharing…

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